Get Involved

Northern Roots is an exciting opportunity to create UK’s largest urban farm and eco-park on 160 acres of green space in the heart of Oldham, Greater Manchester.

We are at the beginning of this exciting journey and need as many people as possible to join us to help bring Northern Roots to life.

  • Would you like to get involved?
  • Are you already growing produce that you’d like support selling?
  • Are there fruit, veg or foods that you’d love to be able to buy which aren’t currently available locally?
  • Do you have skills in growing, farming, eco-tourism or sports that you’d like to develop into a business?
  • Would you like some land to develop a business?
  • Are there events or activities that you would like to see happening on the Northern Roots site?
  • Are there facilities that would encourage you to use to the site more?

Please share your thoughts with us by filling in a quick online survey:

or start a conversation with us at




Planting potatoes