Paul Morton

Paul MortonPaul is the current Chief Financial Officer for Park Cakes Ltd, with its Head Office based in Oldham. He has worked in the Food Manufacturing sector for over 10 years, helping businesses complete a profit turnaround whilst also introducing improved control systems to ensure performance is sustained in the future. At Park Cakes he has demonstrated this, with profitability levels being consistently above levels prior to him joining, allowing the Company to refinance successfully and enabling the Management Buy Out of Park Cakes in 2017.

Paul has a proven track record of driving value in organisations and has a wide breadth of experience in Finance, Change Management, dealing with external stakeholders and being a key member of the Board of Directors. His key value is honesty, without which effective relationships cannot flourish. Away from the office, Paul is consumed by family life. However, when the opportunity presents itself, he still manages to play and coach football at his local club and is a keen, but frustrated golfer.

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