Business Enterprise at Northern Roots

Do you have a business idea that could thrive at Northern Roots?

A core objective for the Northern Roots charity is to support local businesses and social enterprises to set up and flourish from the Northern Roots site. We are also interested in supporting existing businesses that align with our mission and objectives, to access and utilise the 160-acre Northern Roots site.

Northern Roots mission is to harness urban green space to benefit people, planet and place. Our objectives are:

  • Environmental: Conserve and enhance the biodiversity and ecology of the Northern Roots site.
  • Economic: Create jobs, training and business opportunities for local people.
  • Social: Improve the health and wellbeing of local residents and communities.

Over the last 18 months Northern Roots has supported businesses ranging from bee keeping to compost making to childcare, to operate on and from the Northern Roots site.

Over time, we want to grow the business community at Northern Roots. We are particularly keen to support enterprises that are rooted in and reflect the different communities of Oldham and help attract new visitors to the Northern Roots site.

As a Northern Roots based business you can access business support and advice on business planning, strategy, market research, marketing and financial management.  We provide ongoing business support to help you successfully trade at the Northern Roots site and beyond. Activity that you carry out at Northern Roots will also be supported by our own communications and marketing activity.

If you have a business idea that you think could work at Northern Roots and want to start a conversation with us, please complete the short Expression of Interest form and send it to

Northern Roots Business Enterprise EOI Form

We will acknowledge receipt of your form and discuss your proposal with you to see if it is something we can support at Northern Roots.


WRF Compost Service @ Northern Roots

Set up by Oldham resident Lina Valencia-Shaw, WRF Compost Service is focused on compost production, education and supporting community food growers to create their own compost, in order to feed the soil an guarantee food sovereignty.

Originally from Columbia, with a background in finance, Lina has volunteered on various organic projects for the last eight years, which has allowed her to develop her skills and expertise.

“I am passionate about composting, because I am aware of the issues around food waste and the loss of healthy soils due to various growing practices. Creating compost and educating the community on food waste management through compost, will tackle both problems at once, and will ultimately help increase biodiversity and develop healthy soil.” Lina Valencia-Shaw, WRF Compost Service

Lina has delivered a range of composting workshops at Northern Roots in 2023, including family-friendly mini composting sessions. Follow WRF Compost Service on Facebook to find out more.

Snipe Willow @ Northern Roots

Snipe Willow is a small-scale willow growing business located on the Northern Roots site. It’s been set up by Joe Kernycznyj, who works for Oldham Council as a HGV sweeper driver, helping to keep the borough clean.

“I’m also a Viking period reenactor with a group called Ydalir Vikings. As part of the shows we do, we display crafts and the way the Vikings lived, which is where my interest in willow and basket weaving began. I’m hoping to offer baskets, withies for weaving, charcoal, and possibly some basket weaving lessons in the future.” Joe Kernycznyj

Northern Roots has given Joe the use of a small section of the site. He planted his first willow in winter 2023 and will start harvesting the willow in 2024. Joe will also offer basket-weaving workshops in future.

You can follow Joe’s progress on Facebook or You Tube, and get in touch with him at

Snipe Willow on YouTube

Snipe Willow on Facebook


Hive5 Manchester @ Northern Roots

Hive5 Manchester partnered with Northern Roots in 2023, taking responsibility for the 250,000 honey bees in our onsite apiary. Run by beekeeper Damson Tregaskis, Hive5 at Northern Roots offers a wide variety of beekeeping courses, experiences and workshops at Northern Roots, in a fully accessible location.

Hive5 at Northern Roots has allowed Damson and her team to expand what they can offer to individuals and businesses, as well as developing a program for schools. Businesses can now adopt hives at Northern Roots or sponsor school visits and workshops.

Follow Hive5 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Get directly in touch with Damson at


The Northern Roots site is located fifteen minutes on foot from Oldham town centre, in Greater Manchester. The 160-acre site stretches from Alexandra Park in the north, past Park Bridge Heritage Centre, to Bankfield Clough in the south, where it looks out onto the foothills of the Peak District.  It is bordered by the communities of Glodwick, Fitton Hill, Hathershaw, Alt, Park Bridge and Bardsley.


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The 160-acre Northern Roots site, Oldham.
WRF Compost Service demonstrating how to make compost at Northern Roots.
“Willow is such a versatile material. It can be used to make a variety of products, like withies for weaving, baskets, artist charcoal and herdels. It's also a natural self-sustaining material." Joe Kernycznyj, Snipe Willow
“Working with bees is a partnership not an ownership. If they don’t like the conditions they’ll leave." Damson Tregaskis, Hive5 Manchester