Northern Roots Apiary – invitation to tender

The Northern Roots apiary was set up in 2020. Since then, we have engaged a Lead Beekeeper, taken 20 local people through a year long beekeeping programme and run a number of very popular, short paid beekeeping sessions for adults and children. We’ve used an observation hive as an education and engagement tool at Northern Roots events, and produced bee products including honey, candles, wax wraps and lip balm, which we’ve sold through a range of local outlets in Oldham.


The apiary includes 12 hives, bee colonies, and one observation hive situated in a fenced compound on the Northern Roots site. The compound is adjacent to a small market garden and cabin. A large container provides secure storage within the compound, which is accessible by vehicle. A small car park is less than 100 metres from the apiary.


Northern Roots is now seeking a partner to manage and further develop our apiary, and join the community of businesses operating from the site.  We are seeking to achieve the following outcomes:


  • Management and protection of the hives all year round.
  • Production of saleable products sourced from the hives – honey, wax products, nucs etc.
  • Development of workshops, courses, corporate events, volunteering programmes etc on bee-keeping and ancillary activities.
  • Contribution towards Northern Roots key economic, environmental and social outcomes.
  • Broadening accessibility to targeted groups including residents of the areas that neighbour the site, and young people from across Oldham.


If you’re interested in the Northern Roots Apiary tender, want to find out more or visit the apiary before you apply, we’d love to hear from you. Please read the tender document below and get in touch with us at


Invitation to Tender – Northern Roots Apiary DEC 2022


The deadline for tender applications is 10am Monday 16th January 2023.


Northern Roots urban farm & eco-park

Northern Roots is a charity creating the UK’s largest urban farm and eco-park on 160 acres of stunning green space, ten minutes on foot from Oldham town centre. A unique new community asset and visitor destination.


The vision for Northern Roots is to harness urban green space to benefit people, planet and place. Our mission is to transform the 160 acre Northern Roots site into a destination for learning, leisure and growing, to benefit the environment, and improve health, wellbeing and livelihoods.


The planning application for Northern Roots was unanimously approved by Oldham Council in October 2022 and given the green light by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in November 2022. The scheme will include a Visitor Centre, Learning Centre, Forestry Hub, solar array, sports pitches, market garden and swimming pond. Work will start on the Visitor Centre and other elements in 2023.

Northern Roots honey and bee products


You can buy Northern Roots honey and bee products from the Boathouse Café in Oldham’s award-winning Alexandra Park.

Our friends at Bittersweet in Oldham town centre are also stocking Northern Roots honey and bee products.

And if you’re based in Chadderton, Northern Roots bee products are stocked by Spice Drive, Oldham’s first zero-waste shop.

All profit currently goes back into sustaining and developing the Northern Roots apiary.

Meet the Beekeeper Family Experience, Northern Roots, May 2021.
Northern Roots Apiary, Oldham, Greater Manchester
"From the first time I put on a beekeeper’s suit at Northern Roots and looked into a hive, I knew I wanted my own bees. The care of thousands of living creatures is not something to be taken lightly, but I now have the confidence and skills to do it’" Carol Albinson, Trainee Beekeeper, Northern Roots
Northern Roots honey, made in Oldham.